Stephane MOUNET

Stephane Mounet is an eye, observing the world around him in a way that few people will ever see it. He walks down the street rather than take a cab or the metro bringing the entire scene into focus. After years of working as a caterer in Paris, he opened the door to dreams and possibility, giving his hobby life with every click of the shutter. He believes that photography is an art form connecting an audience and subject without using words — it’s all about the eye contact.

This is an artist who indulges in the process of creating; he loves to discover the beauty of his subject often hidden in plain sight, but generally overlooked. He uses his keen sense of visual storytelling to document magical moments by diffusing any questions in the mind of the observer.

After 12 years, Mounet frames his subjects

whether jewelry, fashion, or musicians using a special technique of documenting truth of subject matter enhanced by his own curiosity. His willingness to serve his clients or his soul is a reflection of his creative genius.

He is the kind of photographer who not only uses light as his art form but seeks to discover the emotion locked inside the moment. He’s sensitive to the energy of time and space, zooming in to capture every detail with accuracy, making the connection through the heart.

Mounet brings the highest form of creative expression — thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring. Through the power of intention, he listens with his soul to give the viewer answers they were not seeking. Some describe his work as eclectic yet sophisticated but always versatile.