Patrick CAUSSE


orn January 12, 1956 …

After high school Patrick CAUSSE turned to cinema studies and graduation goes to the trays pictures with his meeting with Jean-Marc Maniatis the hairdresser star studios 80s.

He has worked with renowned photographers such as R. Avedon, G. Bensimon and H. Newton and soon he began to test models stars with her friends.

His style is a sensual and sophisticated subjectivity in a very Newtonian.

Eager to discover new horizons and he spent a year in India and returns with a new look. His images are more natural and stick to the times for the spirit photography in the late 80s advocated the union of body and mind or authenticity and naturalness were set.

But his taste for stylish fashion and glamor catches up and become stronger and pictures This is a sophisticated idealized femininity filled with erotic power of sensuality he puts forward in his shooting.

Since it combines travel and fashion, working for foreign magazines that allow it to go around the world in Miami Bali, Morocco, Thailand etc. ….

In 2008 he produced photographs of the Royal Family of Morocco for the birth of the daughter of King Mohamed VI. He broke with the traditional photos of Palace or faces are frozen and gives a more accessible side to the Royal Family.

Its main customers are fashion magazines and designers.
It also works on the Marrakech Film Festival where he regularly photograph the stars of world for Dior.