I’ve been a photography enthusiast since I was a child. A lot of people tell me that I shoot the world with my eyes. My camera has become a part of my eyes. It has always been my dream to be a photograph thanks to my mother who worked in fashion merchandising.

I passed my professional photographer degree in 2003 and immediately opened my first studio in ROHRBACH-LES-BITCHE. In 2007 I opened a second studio in FORBACH.
You can see all my creations on my website. I’ve shot weddings, babies, relookings and others.
In 2008 I wanted to give another taste to my carrier and decided to create more partnerships with fashion and communication. I’ve shot the Italian well-known brand BRAY STEVE ALAN fashion ad campaign, I’ve shot the well-known Ritz Parisian palace and other well-known French gastronomic restaurants (Franck Kestener, Michel Roth…). Photography is first of all really exciting but it is also ever-evolving.

Indeed the digital camera has completely changed the photography landscape and the photographer’s job. I like this new challenge. I’ve studied photography at traditional school, so I’m used to constantly adapting myself and my job to new technologies such as the digital techniques. Moreover I feel totally at ease with the internet web.
My job is really stimulating and I like the challenges I face everyday. I’ve always been innovative at work, that’s why I have so much new ideas to improve my job.
My lastest project was to open a studio dedicated to creation. I wanted to propose many themes, colours and environments to the customers. I think I reached my goal because it is today THE studio in which anyone would love to be shot.
The name of that studio is PABLO in reference to my son who was born in 2011, November the 26th. I’m proud to say that it is my most beautiful creation. Gilles PECQUEUR