Cyrille George JERUSALMI

Born in Kuwait, Cyrille George Jerusalmi grew up in a rich multicultural environment that fostered his passion for photography from an early age.
After studying economics at The Sorbonne and graduated a business school in Paris, George Jerusalmi joined the Army – Elite Units – as a mountain infantryman in the famous « 7eme Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpin ». He became the official photgrapher of his special units.

George Jerusalmi’s work showcases his instinctual ability to shoot both fashion and portraiture to consistently modern and elegant effect.
His minimalist aesthetic and sophisticated use of lighting bring into sharp relief the natural beauty of his subjects.
George Jerusalmi’s photographs have been featured in Condenast Digitals – Vogue and Glamour – Dedicate, Grazia Paris, Le Parisien Mag. His advertising clients includes Lancel, Mosquitos, S/K…