Stephane DUSSART

Stephane DUSSART was born and raised in Paris, France.

From an early age, Stephane was involved in painting and drawing but he can not limit his artistic work in this category and need to explore other worlds.

Stephane discovered a new way to express himself by using makeup and his interest in makeup grows up of an obsession with photography, fashion and beauty.

Self-taught, Stephane learned his techniques alone then he honed for 4 years and created his unique make-up style before a photographer gave him his first opportunity to work in a studio environment.

Stephane has worked on numerous advertising campaigns including L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL, ROBERTO COLLINA, MARCUS KOBAR, RED LINE, CRUSELITA, METAL POINTUS… He has collaborated on fashion shows for Anna dellaRusso H&M, Felipe Baptista De Oliveira, Tod’s…

Stephane’s editorial contributions include Factice, 160g, Fashyz Black, Elegy, Mode Life Style, Girly’s, Gubar, Lurve Magazine, Velvet Dubaï…

Stephane DUSSART is flawless, creative, versatile and always inspired by the world of beauty and color but wherever he plies his art, the objective is always the same: to put the beauty of the model first and create beautiful images.